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Thread: Issues with 4. Build Social Gallery Library

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    Issues with 4. Build Social Gallery Library

    Good morning,

    I'm having problems on the step number 4 (4. Build Social Gallery Library)

    Running Quick Scan...
    64 posts, 4 pages left to process.
    Processed 563 out of 631

    It does eat all my CPU using mysql process its 700% and server crashes i can't make it work, i have to keep restarting the server,
    what could be wrong?

    I have a cent os installation with cPanel 16GB ram and E3-1270V2 3.5GHz Processor,

    Hope somebody can help me,


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    Hi gcarreno,

    Thanks for posting some specific details. I believe this may be a little performance glitch in v2.0 that can get out of hand, thought 95%+ of users won't ever experience this (other users don't worry) - Could you please PM me your site URL and any more info you can give as to the performance timings - e.g. does it build up to 700% or does it hit it fast? Is that after processing 64 or is that just on this last page out of 4 it's not able to deal with - any idea's what that page might be? (Got any pages with 1000's of images on or similar?)



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