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Thread: Gallery disappearing on any page after 1st

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    Unhappy Gallery disappearing on any page after 1st

    I am using social gallery in conjunction with nextgen gallery. I have recently uploaded a huge gallery, probably 2,000 photos. Although my pagespeed time is one of my issues (probably doesnt have to do with your plugin)... the social gallery doesnt load after the first page in the gallery. It works fine for all photos showing on the first page of a gallery, but once i use pagination and go to a second, third, etc page, the gallery will not show with the picture. The picture just pops up as if i am looking directly at the url of where the media was uploaded....? ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Also, for the first problem (pagespeed) does anyone have any reccommendations as far as hosting etc goes? I am currently using a 5th tier vps with hostgator, and maxcdn, so I figured i shouldnt have too many issues with hosting a ton of pictures. However, once I uploaded this gallery, my website slowed down dramatically, so i figured im doing something wrong. Any insight is greatly appreciated. Ive heard some people say to check into media temple, and even use maxcdn in conjunction with cloudflare...but thats a minimum of $50/mth on top of the vps that is $108/mth. You'd think that with even a $108/mth vps, you should be able to use as many plugins as your functionality calls for and hell, upload tons of pictures for that matter. Anyway, you can see what I mean by visiting

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    That's the problem with pagination, why would you need a 2,000 image gallery?

    For very large galleries it can cause issues with Social Gallery as it needs a proper URL for Facebook shares so it will look in the image library and return and write these to an array on a page - you could try turning of SG pages and using a hash index which may work for you if you don't rejig your pages a lot but you lose some of the OG meta functionality which using SG pages gives you

    Try scaling down the gallery size on a page and it should improve things

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