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Thread: Need Support and FAST... Epic Priority Support Inside

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    Need Support and FAST... Epic Priority Support Inside

    Given the growing support demands we have developed a priority ticket support website

    This website is designed to provide a priority PREMIUM support ticketing system for the Epic Plugins WordPress plugins. Our Premium support replies to tickets on a daily basis except for holiday periods. Typical turnaround times are 12 to 24 hours but on average we respond much quicker than this.

    The plugins supported are:

    • Social Gallery WordPress Photo Viewer *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
    • Social Gallery: Mobile Add on *SG store
    • Social Gallery: Stats Add on *SG store
    • Post to WordPress: Chrome extension *Chome webstore
    • Social Gallery WordPress Video Viewer *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
    • Social Image Tagger WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
    • Social Gallery Shortcodes Plugin *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
    • Easy Envato Sales Assistant *CodeCanyon: Epicplugins
    • Epic Gallery WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • WPeddit: Reddit for WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • WPeddit: Reddit for WordPress Theme *Epic Store
    • BuddyPress Social Polling Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • WordPress Social Polling Plugin (Facebook linked) *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Easy Polling Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Pics Mash Image Rating Tool *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Video Mash Facemash for WordPress *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Sound Mash Facemash for WordPress *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Dilemma WordPress Plugin *CodeCanyon: mikemayhem3030
    • Link 2 Featured Image Plugin *Epic Store
    • bbPress PayPal customer only plugin *Epic Store
    • Videomash user upload add on *Epic Store
    • Pics Mash AJAX add on *Epic Store
    • GeoPost for WordPress *Epic Store
    • WPtouch featured image add on *Epic Store
    • Old Affiliate Javascript *Epic Store

    Any tickets that are submitted using this system will be dealt with on a priority basis ahead of the Forum.

    Strictly NO EMAIL support shall be given and NO COMMENT SUPPORT ON ENVATO. We have followed this setup structure to maximise our time and help us improve our service to you without being able to spend time on updates or new developments.



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    I applaud your endeavour to provide high quality, premium support for those who need it urgently.

    Might I suggest that you invest some additional time shoring up the official documentation for your social gallery and social video plugins?

    The documentation that I am able to find on website is sparse and much of it is out of date (especially the facebook -specific portions.)

    Specifically, one of the main selling points for the plugin was the image tagging. The only documentation I can find for this is which references a settings interface that does not appear to exist in th present version.

    I would like to be able to utilize the advertised features of this product and the video plugin by accessing readily available documentation. I would welcome the opportunity to pay extra to access premium support should the need arise. And I strongly feel that stock features of the product (such as image tagging) should be documented such that a premium support ticket is not required to make them "go."


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    Thanks Anthony,

    Documentation is being improved as we go along as well I can assure you. The image tagging should work "out the box" as long as you have properly setup your Facebook App (the whole interface for this has changed over on Facebook so I'm re-writing this also for another plugin I am developing which uses the same core as the tagger functionality).

    Here's some documentation from my Social Polling Plugin

    That covers the App setup

    As long as your App ID matches your domain and you have told your App on Facebook the correct permissions (i.e. publish stream) it should work, please do check you're not using any other plugins that use a different App ID to your own.

    Improved documentation is on the way in due course (they take time to do)


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