As you may be aware version 2.0+ of Social Gallery had the awesome add ons as part of the plugin

These have now been improved to be v3.0+ compatible and as such will be further developed and improved over time.

What if I have already purchased a copy of the v2.0+ add ons?

Then fear not, please simply contact us at mike @ with your PayPal transaction ID for the purchase and we will arrange for you to receive the v3.0+ compatible add ons that you had purchased as part of v2.0.

Mobile add on

Version 3.0+ has included a very basic mobile lightbox designed to support some users needs. If you have a lot of traffic through mobile or you just want a mobile lightbox with easyscroll and epic sharing options - then pick up a copy of the PRO add on

Stats add on

Find out which images on your blog have the most shares, likes, pins through this awesome add on - also see a stream of your comments right there on your WordPress dashboard. Grab your copy of the Stats Add on.

How to enable the add ons
Make sure you are running v3.8+ of the Social Gallery Plugin and navigate to your settings page. Click devices and check that the switches are turned on to show Social Gallery on Mobile and Tablets.

Then go to Add Ons and it should show you have activated the plugins, then flick the switch to "use mobile add on" to ON.

Then sit back and enjoy the awesome scroll effects and special facebook comments overlay and fancybox. (check it out on an iPAD it is truely awesome as a mobile lightbox!!)

Pick up your copy of the Add Ons today