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Thread: Incompatability with Nightlife theme?

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    Incompatability with Nightlife theme?


    I purchased the social gallery and optional mobile/stats plugins a few days ago and installed them. They installed fine but for some reason removed functionality from my 'Nightlife' theme from Templatic ( - specifically the events part.

    I asked Templatic support and they advised to deactivate the Social Gallery plugins as they may be incompatible. I tried to do so and that caused the whole site (including the dashboard) to go down. I'm not suggesting that is the fault of the plugin's - it was some error regarding not have SUPER permissions.

    I'm not sure what to do as I researched hard and really like the Nightlife theme but can't help feeling I've wasted money. I'm pretty new to Wordpress so don't fully understand the compatibility issues - if anyone else uses this theme I'd be happy to hear from them.

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    Hi mattshh

    I think you've emailed us on this, can you share a link to your site, and I can tell you what's happening, I'll need

    1.) the link to the page where functionality is removed (Social Gallery shouldn't remove any functionality, it's a custom built lightbox so only appends some new elements to the bottom of the page and uses these to display the image) it doesn't mess with any effects or anything

    2.) Social Gallery can sometimes clash with themes, but usually these are poorly written ones which I don't suspect will be the issue with templatic (certainly if they're charging $89 for a theme).

    Either way we can help advise on getting it working for you but we do need some links from you, including one where you're trying to use Social Gallery (whether it be on a page or post for example)

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