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  1. FaceBook Share Gets App Not Setup ERROR

    Unfortunately, it's been a while since checked on this
    client's site so it's hard to say when this error started.

    Last time I checked it was working great. Excellent plugin.
    The gallery is...
  2. All Social Icons Except Twitter Wont Display & Don't Function

    EDIT 9/16/14 12:56pm PST - the following is a result of an issue with my Chrome Browser.

    The Social Gallery Plugin Works Just Fine in other Browsers on my machine.

    Sorry I didn't check that...
  3. You are exactly right Mike. WP 3.7 had cleared...

    You are exactly right Mike.

    WP 3.7 had cleared settings.

    I now have a download that says in the readme.txt file it is v3.0.1 from Code Canyon.

    Are there any special things I will need to do...
  4. Updated to WP 3.7 - FaceBook Comments In-Op in Social Gallery Display

    2 Parts to this post.

    Part 1 - Sharing How I got Social Gallery fully functional after Updating to WP 3.7 :cool:

    I'm putting this here because I don't imagine I will be the only one to deal...
  5. Thanks Mike. Actually it turned out to be some...

    Thanks Mike. Actually it turned out to be some phantom image that got hung in the database.

    All fixed now.

    Love this Plugin Dude.

    Mike C.
  6. Lightbox Works but Text Warning Shows under Social Comment Field

    The Gallery is Here:

    The problem is explained here:

    I don't understand the warning. Everything seems to work perfectly but my client of course wants the...
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