View Full Version : Issue about "Like" and wrong image posted to Facebook.

05-20-2013, 03:18 AM
Social Gallery Settings:
-Social Gallery Mode-Justified Image Grid
-Fallback URL Type-Hash Index(#sg1 etc.)
-Use Social Gallery-Off
-I also set a Facebook ID and already inserted it.

Problem 1:
-Like a specific photo, Like will spread to all images

Problem 2:
-Image not posted correctly to facebook.
Let's say you have pic1, pic2(and let's say this is also a featured image) and then pic3.
if you comment on pic1, the image posted to facebook is pic2 which is the featured image).
if i remove the featured image(which is pic2), after commenting again to pic1 the image posted to facebook is now my company logo.

What i need:
-Like should be where it should be!
-Posted images to Facebook should be the image that i commented. Just like in the above example
when i comment on pic1, the image should be posted in facebook is pic1 not the featured image or my company logo.

Pls. Help. Thanks.

This is the link where i use the plugin.. http://bangketaplates.com/gallery-item/bangketa-plates-food-house-2013-summer-outing/