View Full Version : NEXTGEN Gallery images are not getting picked up by scan!

04-26-2013, 05:06 PM
Hi, I have nextgen installed in my wordpress for a photo voting site. I allow people to upload images to my gallery from a front end uploader for nextgen. I am using the voting plugin for nextgen so people can leave a star rating on the photo. I have the social gallery set for the nextgen gallery so when they click the image it pops up... all is working but all the images are not getting scanned.... so when the image is shared on facebook... the image thumbnail is not there... it pulls the logo from the site as the "image page" doesn't exist.... because the scan is not getting all the images... My scan says 43 images yet I have over 100

I deleted everything from the database reran scan... uninstalled plugins ect.. nothin is working out... PLEASE HELP!

04-30-2013, 08:13 AM
Where are your 100 images though? are they all in galleries on your site? or do you have them in an albumn which you've not put on a page yet?

As I understand it with NextGen the scan will find the images if you've output them onto a page (as it scans the posts and pages for images) it won't find them if you've just added photos to an albumn, done the scan, then added the pics to the page?

I might be wrong and there could be a bug somewhere but please do double check that you're doing this correctly and having the galleries displayed (and displayed only on one page) and then run a scan.