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03-23-2013, 06:22 PM
What I'm doing wrong ? I'm using ngg gallery and SG 2.1.
Why when I click post on fb wall, it will open my site but will not show the lightbox, just image, comments and buttons and its not looking good.
It worked fine with SG 1.4.

The only problem with v1.4 was that facebook showned incorrect thumbnail, but return link lead to image in lightbox and that was good.
Because of incorrect thumbnail, today I bought v2.1. Now it shows correct thumb in fb but link refers to page with image and no lightbox :(

Thats my site, just click one of images, and it shows nice lightbox
Psi fryzjer gallery (http://psiafryzurka.pl/galeria-5/)

this is my fb test profile, just click the post with dog image

the result page looks like this (not good)

Previous SG version used #sg, now it uses image url. When I change option to use #sg, once more fb will show wrong thumb .... damn it.

How to make this to work like I desire ? Precisely like that

user can comment, like, share just one concrete image (gallery) from my page
the comment will show up on users fb wall with appropriate to this image thumbnail
fb post links back to image in lightbox on my page


03-23-2013, 08:57 PM
same complain from me. SG 1.4 looks good in #sg usage except wrong thumbnail goes to the facebook. And I bought 2.1 version expecting this issue must be gone. Instead realized that it got worse. it looks like there is no improvement on #sg usage since social gallery page was introduced after version 1.4 which actually you are seeing now there in your page. but I dont want to use social gallery pages cause i want directly lightbox and related album when the people click the link from facebook (#sg usage).. I wish I knew this before buying. cause I thought that there was more improvement on #sg usage in this version.

03-26-2013, 02:23 PM
can anyone help me ?
I dont know is this template or sg plugin issue?
Pages can't open like this - http://psiafryzurka.pl/social-gallery/georgia-psi-fryzjer-snow-star
and any other sg setting cause messing up fb thumbnails (shows wrong gallery thumbnail on fb), only sg pages shows correct thumbnail for a gallery, but fallback link opens page with mased up template style.

03-26-2013, 06:30 PM
Hi Guys,

Please can you take a read of the following:

... You are discussing issues to do with Social Gallery Pages Vs Hash Indexes (#sg1, #sg2 etc.) - Please make sure you fully read this page as it totally explains the issues you are having. You can choose to use Hash indexes (as in v1.4) in Social Gallery v2.1 if you want, though its an inferior way of doing things (as you've mentioned) compared to v2.1 and Social Gallery Pages (http://www.socialgalleryplugin.com/social-gallery-pages/). Provided you get the pages set up properly then this gives you proper Meta Data to facebook (so you get the correct thumbnails etc.) and a better sharing model via "Social Gallery Pages" where users can see where the image is featured + discuss/like/share on page.

Social Gallery Pages is the only way to professionally make Images shareable + commentable within the current facebook schema. Otherwise fallback URLS of image or hash index work well, but they have thier own issues. Your complaints are not really on Social Gallery (which you can setup to do any of the possibilities) but with the technology which holds it all together (Facebook Graph + JS)

And I bought 2.1 version expecting this issue must be gone

@cagdasa are you saying you had v1.4 WITHOUT buying? I do not recommend downloading hacked/illegal versions of my files online, often the nefarious uploaders put hacks in these.

03-26-2013, 08:10 PM
Hi. I didnt have 1.4 without buying. I was able to test it via friend who bought SG before and who was recommending me to use that. Since this option (hash index, social gallery) is not enabled in your lite version of SG, it is not possible to test it before buying. Anyway I never illegally download and use this kind of stuff cause I am a programmer too. And I already have a gallery working in Joomla platform with lightbox usage and social buttons in it which is very similar to SG and it works perfect. I just wanted to use SG cause lighbox design is better here. And I really wanted to know if this hash index usage is working like my other gallery but it was not possible to understand. and I bought it just to try and it doesnt work. so it is useless for me cause I have it working in my other gallery. I have sent you the link of my gallery in code canyon comment area for you to check it.

Anyway what is the solution then? You are telling us to set up facebook open graph settings in the code. As far as I undertand from my other gallery code, these facebook open graph settings are coming in the code of component. Is it not possible here for you to set cause SG is a lightbox plugin rather then gallery ? if we have to do it that anyway can you tell us which open graph meta tags that we have to insert inside? Is " og:image" setting to define which thumbnail goes to the facebook?

03-26-2013, 08:58 PM
Woods - I already know that. I'm using sg pages, it solves problem of likes, shares and very important to my business proper thumbnails for galleries. So the sg pages is the best solution, but thers still an issue.
I just cant understand why the fallback url leads to page which doesn't use my theme, and return page containing image looks so repulsive and not in order ?
For instance Hash Indexes fallback url lead to a page containing nice lightbox. So at first to me it looked possible to perform, just mix benefits of these two solutions (sg pages and Hash Indexes). But now I see its not so easy and for some reason you cant do it this way :(
So if nice lightbox doesnt work, maby you can tell me what should I do to make the displayed page look like any other of my site pages? Why page created by sg pages doesnt use the theme (e.g. fullpage.php or page.php) ? Finally I dont know is this a plugin issue or do I have to make some improvements to my theme? I dont want to change my theme to any other, I'm not a programmist, it costed me a lot of work to make this theme look like this.

03-26-2013, 10:52 PM
Hi sql84,

Unfortunately this definitely looks like an issue with the theme not being coded correctly. I'm guessing the issue is being caused by your index.php file (although this is just a guess).

In order to test if it's definitely the theme you are using, please switch to a default theme (Twenty Ten/Twenty Twelve) temporarily and re-test.