View Full Version : Letting SG use the DEFAULT and Second LightBox Class Selectors to RUN.

03-18-2013, 06:55 PM
This is the most ez way to get SG to work on THEMES that refuse to back down on using it's default LightBoxes.

Use FireFox inspection tool. https://hmonglife.com/images/step1.jpg

Find all the elements of the Default LightBox. Write them down. https://hmonglife.com/images/step2.jpg

Here's how to find out the elements. https://hmonglife.com/images/step3.jpg

Here's how to HIDE the default LightBox.https://hmonglife.com/images/step4.jpg

Here's where we put the Class Selector we discovered from inspecting. https://hmonglife.com/images/step5.jpg


GL and hope that helps.

Note: When you use the selector in Image Advanced CSS. DO NOT enter the PERIOD"." Use the class selector without it. We only use the "." in SG Gallery Options.
Example: https://hmonglife.com/images/step7.jpg This class selector is just example. Use the one you inspected.