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  1. Feature Request: Shortcode to Disable Social Gallery [Solved]
  2. Can you add a Facebook Share Button?
  3. What "Addon" would you like to see?
  4. Feature Requests: Vote on Features
  5. Option to Use Attachments links for social buttons
  6. Load plugin Scripts and CSS ondemand.
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  8. Custom Descriptions per image - Description Mutators Addon - Inc HTML
  9. Feature Request: Fotomoto implementation
  10. Youtube Videos in Social Gallery
  11. More like and share buttons
  12. Watermark options
  13. Sort Buttons/Icons
  14. Ability to Scan specific Custom Post Types
  15. Important requests
  16. My current top requests:
  17. Another option for a content block
  18. Email to a Friend
  19. Blocked Facebook detect, then display basic lightbox
  20. Social Gallery v3.0: Bugs Fixes and Feature Requests
  21. Linking FB users into a 'gallery viral frenzy'
  22. button layout
  23. ZoomFolio Compatibile