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  19. Using LiveFyre Commenting System instead of Facebook Comment system
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  21. Social Gallery Pages & Photocrati Gallery Theme using E-commerce layout type issue
  22. Download Full Size Image From Another URL
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  24. Using Gallery Compatibility Mode and CSS Selector at the same time
  25. Social Gallery & Mobiles
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  32. General + Overall Confusion...
  33. So many different issues... Please help!
  34. Custom Description against Pictures
  35. Light-box hangs - and css exclusion for logo is weird
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  39. Before installing Social Gallery WordPress Plugin V.2.0 update - v1.4 to v2.0
  40. See Likes, Tweets, Comments for your images - notifications
  41. The Tumblr issue
  42. Compatibility with Simple Facebook Connect
  43. Problem with Internet Explorer 10 - IE10 & Navigation
  44. Original gallery laying over soscial gallery
  45. Update Engine Not Working
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  52. How To Turn Off Social Gallery On Specific Pages (Justified Image Grid)
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  54. Switching back to Hash Indexes - Likes not showing
  55. Double Lightbox Issue
  56. Facebook comments doesn't work
  57. Issues with - Image Description and Facebook
  58. Fatal Error - Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding
  59. Photo Description from Flickr Gallery + JIG not showing...
  60. Update Engine Not Working
  61. Facebook share error finding image - Facebook OG:URL issue
  62. blank , cannot see anything besides picture
  63. Deleting Social Gallery Pages and sorting them
  64. Install
  65. Trying to make it work
  66. nextgen compatibilty mode
  67. Clicking Image doesn't show Social Gallery
  68. Issues with 4. Build Social Gallery Library
  69. Problem with .noSocialGallery - Class
  70. Need some help on setup
  71. Shows the images below content
  72. Pro Social Gallery Plugin not working (although Lite worked like a charm)
  73. You are not authorized ...
  74. In Facebook, I do not see the recent activity of clicks "like it."
  75. Lightbox for single img, SG for gallery
  76. Connect Social Gallery to Facebook Page (instead of personal profile)
  77. Social Gallery with nextgen
  78. Have got myself slightly lost with Nextgen and Socail Gallery
  79. for ever and ever 'Unprocessed Posts & Pages (Full Scan): 6 pages left to process.'
  80. Facebook Link To Image Only
  81. Possible Solution for "Facebook issue"
  82. Image Library is Empty / "SG Pages" Not Working
  83. Comments not showing unless I post them.
  84. Update Engine not working properly
  85. Problem with Social Gallery Page Template
  86. How do I set the description photograph?
  87. Changing blog URL effects Social Gallery Pages
  88. Working for image in article, don't work for nextgen gallery
  89. Facebook Image Preview from JIG and Nextgen
  90. How to remove Facebook Social Plugin Link at the footer
  91. Gallery pages url leads visitors to a 404 error
  92. Gallery Closes after split second.
  93. Facebook comments not showing in user timelines
  94. Only finding 30 images out of 120.
  95. standard wordpress comments system
  96. Social Gallery Pages -> Image / Frame not displayed correctly
  97. Razor Theme - How to get rid of the ARTIFACT left after SG closes.
  98. Stuck in installation wizard after 2.1
  99. error when going to image library?
  100. No code editing?
  101. Fallback URL problem
  102. Can't get CSS selector to work
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  104. New update - error
  105. PHP error on Image Library Settings site
  106. Image Library Error
  107. JIG Documentation page empty
  108. Problem with installation - cannot get to setup page at all.
  109. Version 2.0 link
  110. Letting SG use the DEFAULT and Second LightBox Class Selectors to RUN.
  111. Reinstalling SG requires 2 important steps. This resets data.
  112. How to fix IMAGE scanning stuck.
  113. Featured images open with Social Gallery although they shouldn't
  114. Quick/Full Scan doesn't work
  115. 2.1 Not fully working
  116. APP ID for my FaceBook API Activities to work.
  117. Installation failed.
  118. Show Comment Box Hidden Issue
  119. Not working
  120. Link back from facebook
  121. Single Thumbnail Showing on Select Galleries
  122. Problem using Social Gallery
  123. Social Gallery installed correctly, but not working.
  124. Images not showing and facebook share option confusing
  125. NextGen with Shadowbox JS
  126. Image showing not in the lightbox when going from fb to page
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  128. Update 2.0 --> 2.1 Stuck at step three "Social Gallery Pages"
  129. My site crawls to a dead halt with Social Gallery installed- HELP! [SOLVED]
  130. Facebook fallback URL issues
  131. 'Update Engine' query/Site forced offline
  132. Social Gallery v2.2, Social Gallery Manager & Future Development
  133. Working with justified image grid
  134. My update engine not working
  135. Compatibility with CDN?
  136. Everything is working, how do I choose language/locality?
  137. Plugin makes my entire website slow
  138. Social Gallery Plugin v2.2 not loading - jQuery included twice + jQuery 1.3
  139. Social comments not showing?
  140. Social Gallery 2.2 has improved but not enough
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  142. "LIKing" Image is not posting to Facebook
  143. Can't get social image header image to load.
  144. JIG Lightbox not working
  145. Trick to BOOST Social Gallery and Gallery Pages load times.
  146. Facebook share button
  147. Functionality gone with upgrade to 2.2
  148. Social Gallery Lite and Social Gallery Full upgrade problem
  149. Problem with template
  150. EZPoll Compatibility Issue with Cycling
  151. Gallery & Blog posts disappear after PRO installation!
  152. Should the Image Updater detect images in Nextgen Galleries?
  153. Tweet Via does not function. What am I doing wrong?
  154. Disable Social Gallery on this page/post: Checked by default
  155. Database Error
  156. Settings are not getting saved
  157. Lite and Pro Version not working properly at all!
  158. "Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error."
  159. FB Like problem
  160. Google Analytics since last Update allways on, how to turn it off?
  161. SG Lite works, SG PRO don't.
  162. Images in Wordpress Gallery are appended the class="noSocialGallery" how to remove?
  163. Total Bust
  164. unreachable
  165. Is it possible to have Adverts AND comments in SG?
  166. I "like" one image in SG, and suddenly all images are "liked"
  167. Clicking Image URL from Facebook
  168. "Show Image Title as Description" doesn't work
  169. Problem with FB-Like and FB-Comment
  170. javascript error - invalid image path
  171. Enable On/Off per Post/Page not working?
  172. Featured Image
  173. V2.2 Not working on WP 3.2.1 and Nextgen Gallery 1.8.4
  174. Lightbox loading but disappears
  175. Question on PHP version
  176. pages
  177. Changing "Like" and "Comment" to a localized version
  178. Add extra Facebook "Like", "Share" & "Comment" on the post page connected to SG
  179. Excessive external links to random content
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  181. Cannot find my files
  182. Update engine
  183. Need help with setting up gallery plugin
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  186. Last image
  187. Facebook "like" does not post on wall
  188. Looks like its workng but says "unreachable"
  189. NEXTGEN Gallery images are not getting picked up by scan!
  190. Social Gallery & NextGen Gallery not working
  191. Facebook "Breaking Changes"
  192. Images loded to my posts without link to original file
  193. Strange behaviour of 'Likes' (im sure its my fault)
  194. Disclude CSS Selector
  195. Social Gallery Pages template shows filename instead of title? Can't modify template?
  196. Integration with Nexgen
  197. Unable to get title to show in SG lightbox
  198. How do I change the look of the pages created
  199. Are likes suppose to show on Facebook when using adsense feature
  200. Justified image grid problems
  201. social gallery don't work with justified image gallery
  202. Can I skip Wizard Step #4. Build Social Gallery Library
  203. Problems with Update Engine for Social Gallery and Social Mobile issue
  204. Update Engine
  205. Opens the closes
  206. No connection with facebook wanted
  207. Too slow!!
  208. Next Gen Images likes and comments notification
  209. Plugin Not Functioning On My Site
  210. Move to new host-comments
  211. Just installed, couldn't be easier but layout is janky
  212. I'm Stuck!
  213. How do I use a non-wordpress version? (I am a dev)
  214. I didn't see the navigation images
  215. Help needed, can't make SG working on my website
  216. Issue about "Like" and wrong image posted to Facebook.
  217. global Settings
  218. Problem with facebook pages
  219. Facebook Comments box and like button have disappeared
  220. Social Gallery not working - issues with the plugin
  221. update engine stuck, settings for NextGEN & Justified Image Grid not working
  222. Image Sizes..
  223. Theme Compatible
  224. SG Not working in Theme . Not showing up at all
  225. installing [mobile] add on
  226. turn off social gallerie's RHS sidebar for selected images
  227. How to make Image in Social Gallery Page Responsive?
  228. Social Gallery Page Comments not visible in mobile but visible in desktp and tablet.
  229. Navigation buttons refresh the entire page to show the next picture
  230. Social Gallery Page Image Description
  231. Downloading Image does not work.
  232. Social Gallery Pages not being linked to...
  233. Description only displaying one line at bottom of the image
  234. pop-up box size is stuck..
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  236. SocialGallery doen't work on my site.
  237. allow_url_fopen enabled but download does not work.
  238. SG not working on phone or tablet
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  240. Hidden/Paged images and themes
  241. Help needed
  242. 'Social' Gallery? No Facebook share?
  243. trying to get SG to Work on my Site with Photo Mosiac Plugin
  244. Update Engine Not Working
  245. Purchased social stats
  246. Edit Page of Single image view
  247. Jquery error
  248. Facebook comments not retreiving
  249. Update Engine not searching custom post types & images not looping
  250. SG is not compatible with my theme