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  1. Getting SG working
  2. Social Gallery not working? Try these common issues
  3. Setup Not working
  4. Social Stats
  5. Users loged in as "me"
  6. Lite version work - full version don't work
  7. likes and comments not showing on facebook
  8. Social Gallery & Raffinade theme?
  9. Scrollbar sideway
  10. unwanted redirect to image source
  11. Warning... unreachable error
  12. Google Analytics code
  13. Displaying description
  14. Error in like function
  15. Crate 1 stand alone gallery
  16. Custom HTML in Style settings not working
  17. social gallery settings disappeared
  18. facebook login issue "Not Found back to Facebook" 2 problems
  19. Why does it say "log in with "facebook,yahoo,hotmail and AOL of all things!
  20. Will not share individual images- shares the page is stead?
  21. Social Gallery Add-Ons not working with 2.3! Help!
  22. Can't get past page 1
  23. Help with gallery
  24. Core theme from theme forest
  25. shortcode
  26. Can't seem to get an help with this system
  27. Scans are not working
  28. Major error when building social gallery library (step 4)
  29. JIG and Social Gallery
  30. Latest upgrade (2.3) exposes bugs in other plugins
  31. Product page error
  32. Previous & Next Links/Icons
  33. Disclude Class Selector not working
  34. Can't complete step 4 of setup
  35. Stuck with Facebook and Social pages
  36. Social gallery CSS selector doesn't work with JIG & NextGen
  37. After using lite i purchased social gallery now error message javascript out of date
  38. Images not linking to Social Gallery Pages
  39. Incompatability with Nightlife theme?
  40. Not all images are indexed with the scan?
  41. Problem viewing commet in light box and problem with SHOW FACES
  42. Theme conflict issues...... PLEASE, PLEASE HELP!!!
  43. Cannot edit global settings
  44. display and sharing problems
  45. changing the text that shows up on facebook
  46. Consistent inconsistencies
  47. Stuck on 4. Build Social Gallery Library
  48. Logo Image Issue
  49. Disqus Comments Oddity
  50. social gallery loads once?
  51. Trouble with social gallery pop up css, eg facebook like area
  52. How to align the social media buttons?
  53. prevent social gallery to open for some image-linked areas
  54. Alternate Logins - Beta?
  55. What is the basic coded need for this to work in a custom theme
  56. NextGen images not getting scanned
  57. Plugin not working
  58. Could you help me disclude specific images?
  59. Building Social Gallery Library
  60. Auto Load
  61. Not posting to Facebook in Dubai
  62. Build Social Gallery Library Freezes
  63. Image Sizes stuck, SOMETIMES load full size...
  64. Fallback URL doesn't work.
  65. Error after the recent updates
  66. conflict with NextGen Gallery
  67. How to manage Facebook comments
  68. opacity / transparence facebook post box problem (image attached)
  69. The plug doesn't correct right.....
  70. First Image Not Displaying / Gallery closing after clicking and opening
  71. IE Bug - Image loads too large
  72. my site is very heavy
  73. Download opens picture in new window
  74. Prevoius and Next in Social Gallery Pages
  75. NextGEN Gallery image dont show up in SG Library
  76. Working with some image types, but not others.
  77. Social Stats doesn't do anything
  78. Build Social Gallery Library Frozen
  79. Closing after click [Using SG + photonic plugins]
  80. Social Gallery +Justified Image Gallery on mobile with Add-on- Not Loading
  81. Fatal error: Cannot redeclare file_get_html()...simple_html_dom.php on line 85
  82. Sovrapposition LightBox
  83. Can't get PRO to work
  84. download for donate
  85. Social galley / Justified Image Grid Load more setting not triggering lightbox
  86. Social gallery plugin not working
  87. Attempting to Customize Plugin
  88. Social Gallery 3 issues. Should I post them here?
  89. First image clicked not loading on social gallery lightbox
  90. Lightbox Works but Text Warning Shows under Social Comment Field
  91. Facebook posting to wrong facebook page
  92. Updating to 3.0
  93. Having z-index type issues, engine issues, sidebar issues
  94. Justified Image Grid but no Social Gallery...
  95. Some issues with plugin
  96. SG blog issue with WP Pageslines theme
  97. New Conflict in 3.0
  98. Image scan gets stuck
  99. Usen wrong codecanyon username on registration
  100. Lightbox gets bypassed
  101. Updated to WP 3.7 - FaceBook Comments In-Op in Social Gallery Display
  102. Slider on Home page does not work when Social Gallery plugin enabled
  103. Theme problems
  104. Error message in installing V3. (and other anomalies)
  105. Origin Mismatch when trying to authorize social stats
  106. Facebook Share Link
  107. Issue with version 3.0 when scrolling
  108. Styling and functionality
  109. Odd backlink from facebook timeline,
  110. First page doesn't work
  111. Social sharing on individual photos in slideshow
  112. Need plugin (or help) to make all images on site clickable
  113. Is this a SGP bug, or am I just dumb (or both)?
  114. Darkening the SGP overlay -- possible?
  115. How to make SGP apply to singular images (not in a gallery) on entire website
  116. Facebook / Disqus Comments gone after update
  117. 404 link back from Facebook
  118. Images only load (appears) when moused over, and other minor adjustments
  119. Title Only Showing As Caption in Standalone Images - Not in Wordpress Galleries
  120. Update issue
  121. installed v3.1 but issue with sending a scrolling page white
  122. wordpress dashboard messages re social gallery
  123. Regular Social Gallery: jQuery error message:
  124. Upgrade to 3.1 broke my lightboxes? I didn't change anything else ...
  125. Theme don't natively supports menus
  126. Social Gallery Images and Videos in the Same Gallery
  127. link to lightbox
  128. Can't get it to work
  129. SG Video help needed urgently (sorry to be bossy)
  130. Video views.
  131. How to exclude this image encoded in PHP?
  132. Fatal Error on Installation
  133. Many Problems with Social Gallery..
  134. Is there anyway to get notified when someone likes or comments on a photo on soc gal?
  135. ver.3.6 ligth-box not working
  136. Social Gallery not displaying light box with Justified Image Grid
  137. Free version worked perfectly, pro version not so much
  138. ver.3.7 how to setup face tag
  139. Where can i download most current version of social gallery?
  140. Social Gallery Problem on mobile Devices
  141. After Update to 3.5, background image hides the entire page...
  142. Get the action from facebook.
  143. Working fine until the upgrade
  144. What's the "plugin license code" ?
  145. Tag Photo: Search does not work correctly
  146. Sharing photos on facebook - doesnt link to social gallery pop up
  147. Only get "Forbidden" message when I try to install Social Gallery Video plugin :(
  148. Problem with Next Gen Gallery and Facebook Links
  149. Our add ons are BACK and better than ever
  150. Need Help Integrating Social Pages into My Theme
  151. Few Random Issues (Mainly Facebook & Social Stats)
  152. ver. 3.8.1 + NextGen Pro
  153. Like Counts
  154. licensing and subdomains
  155. Social G. Stops my slider working on ipad and iphone
  156. Installation Help.
  157. how can i make shere to fb.. share image title not image filename?
  158. Issues
  159. Fanpage
  160. Facebook share button
  161. socialgallery error theme jphotolio by themeforest.com
  162. I did installed but you didnt worked with nextgen images help me please!
  163. Soemthing is wrong
  164. The photo viewer don't open
  165. Facebook Image Share Issue
  166. nRelate how to remove social gallery
  167. Jetpack
  168. Social Gallery Page Issues
  169. Google Ads (adverts) Only Showing (displaying, loading) Twice (blank, not working)
  170. Out-dated Guide: Setting up with NextGen Gallery - Please help
  171. Left & Right Navigation Button Not Showing
  172. Facebook Share Problems
  173. Update engine hangs at a particular image number
  174. Can't seem to disable the lightbox working with NextGen
  175. Social Gallery Pages broken - missing <div>?
  176. How do I download the updated version?
  177. Have a problem with sharing via Social Sites
  178. Disable Featured Image for Social Gallery?
  179. social gallery mobile not working?
  180. Sharing as on your demo page
  181. Email Button?
  182. Gameday theme and Social Gallery issue
  183. Problems with Prompt Save As and fshare button
  184. Social media likes and shares count not appearing in Social Gallery
  185. not able to share image description on social shares
  186. Save to Favourite button not appearing when using Justified image grid ad Next gen
  187. Social gallery Pro doesn´t work
  188. Several Issues...Not Sure Where to Begin
  189. Lightbox disappears without loading photo
  190. Help with social pages
  191. How To Set Social Video Gallery thumbnail Size
  192. Issues With the Facebook Share Button
  193. Need Support and FAST... Epic Priority Support Inside
  194. Social engagements not showing on gallery sites
  195. Cant over step to work
  196. Position of social network Icons in lightbox
  197. Error on Social Gallery Page
  198. NexGen Compatibility Mode doesn't work.
  199. Pro code errors
  200. how to update
  201. Description like a Title and Alt
  202. Need help with SocialGallery
  203. Few Questions
  204. Making Plugin Work! Setup Like Demo
  205. Flickr to JIG to Social Gallery...help.
  206. Two Real Issues
  207. Why does SG not work as stated?
  208. Reset SVG
  209. Addon Installation
  210. User Video Logo shows next to video
  211. How to Disable Social Gallery Frontend Error Messages
  212. Tag Face - Error Facebook Message.
  213. Probleme Sidebar in the model facebook model page.
  214. Changing default description when sharing an image on Social Networks
  215. Lightbox disappears
  216. Problem with Titles not Showing and Sharing Correct Images
  217. Click Lightbox, Loses Place on Page
  218. Social Gallery Help Needed
  219. Social Gallery problem
  220. Picture Bar Title
  221. URGENT: Update engine doesn't work... wrong library permalink
  222. Update Engine FREEZING [resolved]
  223. error Image Library Updater
  224. Activating Social Gallery Plugin Freezes New/Update Posts
  225. Many Problems with apache and mysql
  226. Error Message, Lightbox Freezes, Theme conflict
  227. SocialGallery don't load
  228. Change facebook text color and add br from logo and title
  229. All Social Icons Except Twitter Wont Display & Don't Function
  230. No closing button for lightbox (Social Video Gallery Plugin)
  231. Social Gallery Making Calls to a Table that doesn't exist which generate blank pages
  232. Mobile addon problem
  233. Facebook Profile Picture not showing
  234. SocialGallery dont load
  235. Social Gallery pop up windows overwritten by flash widget
  236. Gallery disappearing on any page after 1st
  237. How to update version
  238. Problem: Update Engine is stuck
  239. Problem with update engine
  240. Social gallery hidden behind other layer
  241. SG Not working suddenly
  242. link from facebook to image does not display in lightbox
  243. Disabling Social Gallery for one page
  244. high load, and scan that will last for days probably?
  245. Space between twitter and facebook button
  246. Lightbox is not working
  247. How to change thumbnails size on Social gallery?
  248. Scanning and indexing only one page, is it possible?
  249. Image Size not displayed correctly at the social page
  250. Fallback URL Type not working